Completing 'Dead Space 2' on Hardcore Unlocks 'Hand Cannon'

Dead Space 2 Hand Cannon Unlock Hardcore

If there were any out there who thought that Dead Space 2 was just a chill-inducing horror shooter that would teach gamers a new definition of fear and disgust, they've been proven wrong. As it turns out, the game also offer players the chance to bring one of the most universal childhood dreams to reality, by giving the awesome power of a futuristic pistol to one's own pointer finger. Video has recently surfaced of the reward for completing the game's campaign on the 'hardcore' difficulty, so if you're up to the challenge, the 'Hand Cannon' could be yours.

Dead Space was most memorable for its unique weaponry, taking the tools of a space miner and forcing the player to use them to defend himself. Lasers to dismember, nails to inflict massive damage or pin enemies to walls, there was no unique and grotesque form of combat that hasn't gotten improved for the sequel, and now it seems that the developers at Visceral Games have saved the best for last. New DLC is bringing weapons and armor, but it's likely that the Hand Cannon is the only gun that fans will see as a dream come true.

The game has only been out a matter of days, but for those who have devoted time and energy to completing the game on its hardest difficulty, Visceral has a surprise. While our first impressions of the game presume that the project was approached with the utmost intensity and dedication to completing a seriously top-quality game, its clear from the secret unlockable weapon that the developers still have a sense of humor.

There's no mistaking it - the weapon in question is a giant foam finger. Don't be fooled by its lack of clips or ammunition, this thing is deadly. Accompanied by Isaac's "pew-pew" and "bang!" the Hand Cannon will harness the deadly potential of the masked protagonist, but to truly appreciate the genius of the weapon, it has to be seen:


We knew that Isaac wasn't healthy, but is there a chance that his mental illness is actually Jedi-like powers? There's no question that having someone run around shouting "bang!" somewhat takes away from the Rembrandt-inspired environments of Dead Space 2, but if there is a better idea for rewarding hard work then we haven't seen it.

You can pick up the foam death-dealer yourself, but that means completing Dead Space 2 on Hardcore Mode, which is much easier said than done. It's a tall order, but isn't a deadly imaginary gun worth the risk?

We can only imagine what Visceral has in store for the future, both with DLC and future titles. Psychic mind-attacks? Wink-shots? We'll leave those decisions to the people who make them best.

You can take your own shot at acquiring the Hand Cannon by picking up Dead Space 2 today for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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