Free 'Dead Space 2' DLC Maps Announced By Visceral

Dead Space 2 Isaac Clarke Outbreak Map Pack

Despite controversial marketing – EA's "your mom will hate this game" campaign – Dead Space 2 sold over two million copies since its release on January 25, 2011, far outstripping the original thanks to excellent reviews overall (see Game Rant's review) and its new multiplayer mode that allows players to control teams of human engineers or the horrific necromorphs.

The Dead Space Facebook page announced Tuesday that Visceral Games will be further supporting the game by bringing a pair of new downloadble maps for fans and the best part is that they're free.

The new Academy and Concourse multiplayer will be available on the Dead Space 2 console market on May 31 (Xbox 360) and June 3 (PS3). Fan reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, and why shouldn't it be? Dead Space 2 console owners just received a value injection into their investment.

The Outbreak Map Pack features two new maps that promise to offer frantic and gory objective-based fun. The 'Concourse' is a mall rife with necromorphs that need to be cut down or avoided as the players struggle to set off a distress signal. The 'Academy' is an abandoned (by the living, anyway) school where the humans need to activate a decontamination system and escape to relative safety. Since details are scarce, we'll have to wait before commenting on the creativity and overall fun factor of the new maps, but if the previous DLC (Dead Space 2: Severed) is any indication, we should be in for more good times filled with flickering lights and flying limbs.

But what about PC gamers? After some initial outcry from the PC community wondering if they would see the Outbreak Map Pack, Visceral has announced that the DLC is also coming to non-console gamers, though they haven't announced when. With the release date for console gamers coming so soon, we expect it won't be a long wait.

Dead Space 2 Free DLC Screenshot

No matter what system you prefer to play on, it is fantastic to see EA and Visceral providing more value for the gamer's dollar (let's just hope all those continuing PlayStation Network issues are out of the way come June 3).

Is the free Outbreak Map Pack going to bring you back to the sprawl, or have you been wandering those blood-soaked corridors ever since the game was released?

Source: Dead Space Facebook

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