'Dead Space 2' Producer Hints at Demo Release

Dead Space 2 Executive Producer Demo Hint

If there is one thing that can help boost anticipation for a game it’s a demo. Allowing a developer a method of showing off their design innovations, the demo can either make or break a highly anticipated title. Hoping to get players salivating over the prospect of once again donning the helmet of Isaac Clarke, Visceral Games has hinted at plans for a Dead Space 2 demo soon.

Over on the official Dead Space Facebook page, there is a video segment with Dead Space 2’s Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis titled 'Questions with Steve'. On the most recent episode, Papoutsis was asked about the possibility of Dead Space 2 getting a demo in a timely manner. Papoutsis, in a most coy and PR appropriate manner, responded:

"Great question, a lot of people are asking that question. Gonna have to do some thinking about that but I would say stay on your toes, stick on the Facebook page, and (wink) you never know."

One thing that certainly could have helped boost interest in the vastly underrated and underplayed first game would have been a pre-release demo. Eventually the game was able to find a substantial audience (enough to start talk of a franchise), though many of those gamers who discovered the game did so much later than EA might have been hoping for.

A Dead Space 2 demo, hopefully before the year is up, is the perfect way for Visceral to get buzz for the game going. Many gamers might be wondering how the development team plans to make this experience feel fresh while still keeping what was great about the original. Perhaps it might even be to Visceral’s benefit to throw in a little taste of the game’s unique multiplayer component.

It would be a safe bet to expect official details on a Dead Space 2 demo very soon.

Would you be interested in getting a little taste of Dead Space 2 before the main course in January? Are you having doubts about whether or not the sequel can deliver like the original did?

Dead Space 2 is set for a January 25th, 2011 release on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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