Dead Space 2 Video Talks Characterization of Isaac Clarke

Dead Space 2 Isaac Clarke Characterization Trailer

After the succes of the first Dead Space, there came the obvious expectation that developer Visceral Games will push the envelope when it comes to Dead Space 2. One way that Visceral is trying to up the ante is in the characterization of protagonist Isaac Clarke. While in the previous game, he was more of a blank slate that players could project their own persona upon, this new Isaac comes as a fully fleshed out character complete with his own voice.

In a new Dead Space 2 dev video, Visceral talks this new and improved Isaac Clarke noting that in Dead Space, Clarke was merely experiencing the storyline and was seen as more of an errand boy. In Dead Space 2, Visceral wants to put Clarke in the driver's seat as he doles out some serious violence. His newfound control might not be working exactly the way he was hoping, but it certainly allows the player to experience the sequel in a completely different way from the first.

If you’ve been too afraid to check out the other more terrifying trailers for the game, give this video a look -- it’s much tamer:


While many might find Clarke’s new persona a bit jarring at first, Visceral promises that it is a design choice made in service to the story. By the end of the game, expect Issac’s new persona to fall seamlessly in line with the other new additions to the game.

Dead Space 2 might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially being a tad bit on the scary side, but for those gamers who are interested in the title, expect a serious thrill ride. As Visceral has demonstrated, they aren’t complacent in their success but instead are trying to push the hopeful franchise with varied environments and the inclusion of a unique multiplayer variant. The game's only two months away, so start stocking up on night lights.

What are your thoughts on the decision to give Isaac Clarke a voice and a personality? If it works in service of the story can you understand Visceral’s decision?

Dead Space 2 releases January 25th, 2011 on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC

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