Dead Space 2 'Brutal Kill' Video and Other Goodies Promised to Fans

Dead Space 2

Dead Space fans listen up! If you want to keep up with news regarding Dead Space 2 then Electronic Arts has got you covered. Starting today, gamers can visit the official site to sign up to receive tons of goodies. First up is a never-before-seen brutal kill clip to be e-mailed to members only on August 18th. No word on what other treats EA has in store for members but you can always follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep in the loop.

The first Dead Space was a game that started out flying under the radar. It seemed like your typical survival horror retread on the surface, but once I got my hands on the game I was blown away. The eerie atmosphere combined with the gruesome (aka awesome) kill mechanics delivered on so many levels I left each play session craving more.

Since the release of Dead Space, EA has now become more acutely aware of what a gem they have on their hands and they plan to treat it right. Making sure protagonist Isaac Clarke’s iconic engineer helmet is known far and wide seems to be the first priority. Second, is making sure gamers know that Dead Space 2 will take the (what I hope to be) franchise to the next level.  A little touch like the early release of prequels is just one of the myriad of ways EA is constantly keeping Dead Space on our collective conscious.

I, for one, cannot be more excited to slice and dice the limbs off of everything that comes at me. Then you tell me I might be able to have my Dead Space on the go? I can’t handle it. EA is ready to do everything right when it comes to making a sequel. If the tiny taste of Dead Space 2 that I got my hands on at Comic-Con was any indication of what’s to come, my pre-preorder is already purchased.

Who of our Ranters are ready to don the helmet once more? Let us know your thoughts and if you plan on following all EA has to offer in the comments below.

Look for Dead Space 2 on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC January 25th 2011.

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