Dead Space 2 and 3 Playable Via Xbox One Backward Compatibility

dead space 2 xbox one backward compatibility

Although Microsoft has done a sterling job of bringing through well-loved games to the Xbox One backward compatibility library, there are stillΒ a few fan favorites that have been yet to make the jump. Among those games were Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3, but fans of the titles need not wait any longer. After all, the Dead Space sequels are now available through Xbox One backward compatibility.

The news was revealed by Xbox guru Major Nelson on Twitter, confirming that the second and third parts of the Dead Space trilogy would be available for Xbox One. Further to this, however, Major Nelson was then able to reveal that the games were not just playable on Xbox One, but would also be available for digital purchase to boot.

This has been very good news for fans of the franchise, who had been hoping for backward compatibility to hit for the titles since the original Dead Space received Xbox One backward compatibility last year. Now, Xbox One owners can check out the main trilogy without having to switch to another console to enjoy them.

In the eyes of many, the Dead Space games were some of the standout horror games of the last console generation. Although the first title is often seen as the best in the series, with some criticism of the third game in particular for straying too far from the survival horror roots of Dead Space, nonetheless both sequels are likely to get a lot of love through the backward compatibility service. Indeed, there is still some clamor for another Dead Space game, whether it be a video game crossover or a fully-fledged fourth iteration in the series itself.

Of course, with Xbox busy working on the upcoming super-powered Project Scorpio console, many were left wondering if backward compatibility would continue to be a focus for the company. Thankfully, it seems as though making worthwhile additions to the backward compatibility roster is still a focus, with Project Scorpio also compatible with backward compatibility. Hopefully, more much-wanted games will continue to be added to the library for as long as there's appetite for it.

Source: Major Nelson

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