Dead Rising 4 Video Features Killer Santa Claus

Dead Rising 4 Mall Trailer

Brand new gameplay footage of the upcoming Dead Rising 4 surfaces that details the game's enemy types, including a maniacal pirate, mascot, and Santa Claus.

Dead Rising 4 is less than a month away from release, but fans still have many questions about the game. One question fans have had on their minds is if the psychopath boss fights from previous games in the series will be returning for Dead Rising 4. That question has now been answered, and it seems as though the psychopath boss fights are in fact returning, albeit with a different label, and they are now completely optional encounters.

Instead of referring to the bosses in Dead Rising 4 as "psychopaths," they are now called Maniacs. To find these Maniacs, players will have to discover clues and complete specific objectives, but once they do that, they will be thrust into a tough boss fight against these insane survivors. New gameplay footage of Dead Rising 4 shows these Maniacs in action, and it looks as though players can look forward to fighting the likes of an evil, axe-wielding Santa Claus, a pirate, a knight with a flaming sword, a mascot, and more.

Like in previous games in the series, taking down these Maniacs will be no easy task. Luckily, Frank West will have a variety of holiday-themed weaponry at his disposal, along with the powerful Exo Suit. Frank will need to utilize all the tools available to him if he wishes to be successful against the Maniacs, but they aren't the only threat in the game.


Besides the Maniacs, players will also have to contend with thousands of zombies roaming the streets of Willamette, Colorado. Players will have to fight the typical, slow-moving zombies, as well as some special types that were highlighted in the new gameplay footage along with the Maniacs. For example, players will have to fight recently-turned zombies that pose a much greater threat. Since these zombies are still "fresh," they are faster, stronger, and more aggressive than most of the zombies players will be slaughtering in the game.

Another type of zombie in Dead Rising 4 are the Evos. These zombies have vicious melee attacks, and can also buff any other nearby living dead with their special shout. If that weren't bad enough, the Evos also possess the ability of summoning new zombies on the spot, which could prove to be quite a challenge to deal with, even for those that have played through the original games.

Along with these interesting new zombie types, the returning Frank West will also have to fight armed scavengers and soldiers. Overall, it seems as though the developers are prepping a nice variety of enemy types for the game, which should hopefully keep the action exciting and challenging from start to finish.

Dead Rising 4 will be available on December 6th for PC and Xbox One.

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