Dead Rising 4: Check Out the Game's Crazy Vehicles

Dead Rising 4: Check Out the Game's Crazy Vehicles - Frank West on tricycle

A new trailer for the soon-to-be-released Dead Rising 4 showcases a selection of the game's creative vehicle options, and how they can be used to kill tons of zombies.

Each game in the Dead Rising series attempts to build on the foundation of the previous entry. For example, Dead Rising 2 introduced weapon crafting to the mix, which has been a staple of the franchise ever since. Dead Rising 3, meanwhile, threw in customizable vehicles that players can use to kill massive amounts of zombies quickly and efficiently. Dead Rising 4 is retaining these mechanics, with vehicle customization shown off in a recent trailer.

Dead Rising 4 seems like it will take vehicle customization to new heights, even though Frank West is not a talented mechanic like the protagonist of Dead Rising 3. The vehicles seen in the new trailer include impressive killing machines that spew fire, dune buggies with machineguns mounted to their back, and even a golf cart with a laser-guided missile system. Of course, this trailer only offers a taste of the vehicles fans will be able to use to wreak havoc on the zombie hordes in the final game, so there could be even crazier vehicle combos to discover.

In the meantime, the trailer also makes it a point to highlight normal vehicles that will be featured in the game as well. For example, fans can look forward to operating a snow plow, a police car, a military jeep, and a car that looks a lot like a 1969 Chevy Impala. Overall, there seems to be even more vehicle variety in Dead Rising 4 than was present in Dead Rising 3, which is surprising since Dead Rising 3's theme was all about cars and combo vehicles.


Seeing these new vehicles in action is fun, but the trailer also offers players a glimpse at different areas of the game. It also confirms that players will be able to take at least some of these vehicles into the rebuilt Willamette Mall itself, and won't be limited to the streets when it comes to mowing down large numbers of zombies.

Even if fans weren't able to take vehicles into the mall, though, they wouldn't have a shortage of creative methods to kill the living dead. In fact, Dead Rising 4 and the franchise in general prides itself on the wide variety of tools players have at their disposal, which now includes an exo suit that practically turns Frank West into a superhero.

There will also be a variety of holiday-themed weaponry in the game as well, which is fitting since it takes place during Christmastime. This new trailer shows that there will also be holiday-themed vehicles, though it remains to be seen just how many holiday vehicles will be available in the base game, and how many will be added in the holiday DLC that will be available at some point after launch.

Dead Rising 4 will launch on December 6th for PC and Xbox One.

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