Microsoft and Capcom announce Dead Rising 4 with an official E3 2016 trailer, which confirms the flame-filled return of original series protagonist Frank West.

He’s covered wars, you know – and now he’s back.

During the Microsoft E3 Press Presentation, the company has now officially revealed Dead Rising 4, which features the return of original protagonist Frank West. The photojournalist first duked it out in a small Colorado shopping mall, and it seems he’s now made a return to action in a larger town-based setting. As the official trailer below shows, West is no stranger to killing zombies, and seems to be making a holiday decoration out of zombie remains so that he can send a flame-filled selfie to his friends.

Here’s a glimpse at the official E3 2016 trailer:

The game was actually leaked yesterday in the form of several new screenshots, which showcased Frank wreaking havoc on the zombie horde with several unique weapons, which ranged from the classic chainsaw to what appeared to be a ripped out pole with a large concrete portion intact. For those wondering how Frank could lift such a thing, he was wearing an exo-suit, which may be a poke at recent Call of Duty titles.

The game evidently takes place during the holiday season, which coincides with its actual release date of late 2016. The game encourages players to “let the slay ride begin,” and we’re certain that the exaggerated trademark Dead Rising weapon crafting and crazy gameplay will make a return, along with the co-op mode which Dead Rising 3 introduced. There’s no word yet on if co-op will also support cross-play, seeing as the game will release for both Xbox One and Windows 10.

The trailer mostly sticks to the confines of what appears to be a shopping mall, which may be the same locale Frank fought his way through in the franchise’s first title. It also shows him driving around outside in a jeep catapulting zombies, so we imagine the series will continue to give more room to roam than the first game provided – though the confirmed inclusion of a shopping mall means plenty of goodies are to be found in an enclosed space.

Dead Rising 3 was a launch day title for the Xbox One, and Capcom is evidently keen to continue its strong partnership with Microsoft. We will keep you posted as more news for the game is released by the studio.

Dead Rising 4 will release this holiday season for Xbox One and Windows 10.