Dead Rising 4 Trailer Highlights Combo Weapons, Crazy Costumes

Dead Rising 4 Trailer Highlights Combo Weapons, Crazy Costumes - Dead Rising 4 fire sword

Just in time for Halloween, Capcom releases a new trailer for Dead Rising 4 that highlights the game's brutal combo weapons and some of Frank West's crazy costumes.

The upcoming Dead Rising 4 from Capcom may have a Christmas theme, but it also features massive hordes of zombies looking to make hero Frank West their next meal. In celebration of its horror elements, Capcom has released a new Halloween trailer for Dead Rising 4 that shows off the different costumes and combo weapons Frank will have at his disposal in his new adventure.

As far as costumes go, Frank will have plenty to choose from in the rebuilt Willamette Mall. The trailer shows off just a few of the costumes that Frank can don in the game, such as a blue dinosaur outfit, a Santa Claus suit, a professional wrestler, a cowboy, and more. Some of these costumes will have other benefits besides looking hilarious, though. For example, there is a triceratops mask that shoots fire from its mouth, which should prove helpful for anyone looking to barbecue some zombies.

The trailer also highlights some of the combo weapons and vehicles Frank can utilize in his zombie killing sprees. From the looks of things, Frank will be able to combine severed zombie flesh with a bomb to create a devastating explosive device, and he can also combine some sort of freezing device with a sword to create a deadly ice sword. Of course, there will be many more weapon combinations in the final version of the game.


Frank West will also be able to mix and match vehicles, not unlike the protagonist from Dead Rising 3. Frank's vehicle combinations include a car with large machineguns attached to its sides, as well as a hilarious combination of a tricycle, some blades, and flamethrowers. Frank is not exactly a mechanic though, so expect vehicles to be somewhat less of a focus in Dead Rising 4 than they were in the previous game.

Even though Frank West lacks mechanic skills, he does have access to a ridiculously powerful Exo Suit, which fans are given another glimpse of in the new trailer. As seen in the trailer, Frank will be able to customize the Exo Suit to a certain extent, mounting machineguns on his shoulders and dual-wielding a weapon that fires saw blades.

All of these weapons and vehicles should leave Dead Rising fans feeling confident that Dead Rising 4 will retain the franchise's over-the-top nature. However, many of the items showcased in the trailer were holiday-themed, like the Santa Claus suit, an elf suit, and a weapon that fires Christmas three ornaments. It's possible that these items will be added in the holiday DLC pack and won't actually be in the base game, but consider that speculation until Capcom offers clarification.

Dead Rising 4 will be available on December 6, 2016 for PC and Xbox One.

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