Dead Rising 4 Season Pass Includes Mini Golf, Infected Frank

Dead Rising 4 Season Pass Includes Mini Golf, Infected Frank - Dead Rising 4 mech suit

Microsoft announces the Dead Rising 4 season pass, which will include a multiplayer mini golf mode, an infected Frank West, and holiday-themed weapons.

Most high budget games nowadays release with some sort of season pass that allows consumers to pay in advance for future DLC content. When developers announce a season pass without detailing exactly what fans are getting in exchange for their hard-earned money, it sometimes results in some disgruntled gamers. That's why it's refreshing to see Microsoft ahead of the curve, detailing everything in Dead Rising 4's season pass along with its announcement.

The Dead Rising 4 season pass will come bundled with the Deluxe Edition of the game - available for pre-order now for $80. Those only interested in the season pass will have to pay $25 for it, but in exchange they are getting three separate expansions designed to extend the Dead Rising 4 gameplay experience.

The first expansion sticks with the game's Christmas theme. Called the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack, this DLC arms Frank West with holiday-themed weaponry, outfits, and vehicles. The thousands of zombies crowding the streets of Willamette, Colorado will get a tweak for anyone that downloads the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack as well, as they will also be dressed for the holidays.

Dead Rising 4 Mall Trailer

The second expansion for Dead Rising 4 is called Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf. Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf adds a 4-player online co-op mode to the game, where players compete in an 18-hole mini golf competition. Instead of standard mini golf, though, the golf ball in Dead Rising 4 will be giant size, and if that weren't enough, players will also have to deal with the immediate threat of the undead masses.

The third and final DLC expansion for Dead Rising 4 is called Frank Rising. It's story DLC that sees Frank West infected with the zombie virus, and details his attempt to find a cure before he turns into a zombie himself. It appears as though the Frank Rising DLC will bring back the franchise's controversial time limit mechanic, which should appeal to those that prefer the original.

All things considered, the three DLC expansions that come with Dead Rising 4's season pass sound like they will add quite a bit of content to the game. However, we haven't actually seen any of it in action yet, so while it sounds good on paper, it may be lackluster in the actual game. Hopefully Capcom reveals some gameplay footage of the season pass content coming to the highly anticipated Dead Rising 4 soon, but in the meantime, it's still nice for a company to list what's included in the season pass before putting it on sale.

Dead Rising 4 will be available on December 6th for PC and Xbox One.

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