Dead Rising 4 Releases Its Own Red Dead Parody Poster


Dead Rising 4's developers are next to hop aboard the Red Dead Redemption hype by parodying Rockstar's recently-released sunset teaser image with its own zombified take.

Following yesterday's release of what is speculated to be some Red Dead Redemption 2 concept art, the gaming community has been thrown into a frenzy over what this new image is teasing. While many are expecting a Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement to be dropped soon, a number of fellow developers – the latest being Dead Rising 4 – have decided to jump aboard this hype train by making parody versions of Rockstar's recently-released teaser image.

Using the teaser's sunset background, some Dead Rising 4 concept artists created their own version by changing the original image's seven silhouettes to that of Frank West and a horde of zombies, giving it a distinctly more crowded feel. Given the Red Dead Redemption has branched out to the zombie genre before with the well-received Undead Nightmare, it seems almost fitting that a zombified parody of the teaser picture was created.

Check out Dead Rising 4's parody image right here (or in the header image above).


Dead Rising 4 is – unsurprisingly – not the only game that has parodied the speculated Red Dead Redemption 2 teaser image. Just yesterday, Square Enix had its own concept artists create a Final Fantasy 15 Red Dead image, which features the four main Final Fantasy 15 characters in place of the original image's seven silhouettes.

While anticipation for a new Red Dead entry is sky high at the moment, Dead Rising 4 is also among 2016's most eagerly awaited games. Research group Nielsen recently compiled its most anticipated games of holiday 2016 list, and Dead Rising 4 was ranked among the top 10 multi-platform titles that gamers want to get their hands on this year.

It remains to be seen whether Rockstar will indeed announce a new Red Dead title, especially since Take-Two confirmed months ago that the studio's next big game won't arrive until April 2017 at the earliest. However, Dead Rising 4 fans will have a much shorter wait, with the latest Frank West adventure scheduled for release on December 6th.

As for what players can expect from Dead Rising 4, it was recently revealed that the upcoming game will not use the divisive time limit mechanic that was present in previous entries, and that there will be "multiple levels of exploration" available to players. It remains to be seen whether this level of exploration is on the scale of the presumed Red Dead Redemption 2 game map, but we can at least come to one conclusion about Dead Rising 4 based on the aforementioned parody image – the developers are obviously also big fans of Red Dead.

Dead Rising 4 will be available on PC and Xbox One on December 6th.

Source: Twitter

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