After it is accidentally posted on the Xbox Live Marketplace, Microsoft confirms the release date for the upcoming Windows 10 and Xbox One exclusive game Dead Rising 4.

Before its official announcement came during Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference, Dead Rising 4 was the subject of numerous leaks. Even after its unveiling, the leaks for Dead Rising 4 keep coming, as Microsoft accidentally revealed a release date more specific than the vague “Holiday 2016” offered at its press conference. As it turns out, PC and Xbox One owners can look forward to playing Dead Rising 4 on December 6th.

The leak occurred when Microsoft inadvertently listed the release date on Dead Rising 4‘s Xbox Live Marketplace page. Figuring that there was no use in trying to hide it any longer, Microsoft then confirmed to various members of the press that the December 6th release date is indeed accurate.

The December 6th release date seems appropriate considering the game’s Christmas time setting. However, it’s strange that the release date wasn’t shared during Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Perhaps there is a good chance that Dead Rising 4 may be delayed, and so Capcom and Microsoft didn’t want to commit to a specific release date just yet.

dead rising 4 christmas frank

From what we’ve seen of Dead Rising 4 in its E3 2016 reveal trailer and the numerous screenshots that have been posted online of the game, it appears as though it is nearing the end of development. The game looks like it is building on the foundation laid by Dead Rising 3, except with more interior settings and with fan favorite Frank West back as the main protagonist. It doesn’t look like the game is trying anything too ambitious or adding many new features to the franchise, outside of body modding that is, so hopefully Dead Rising 4 is able to make its deadline.

However, with the holiday season looking even busier than usual this year, maybe Capcom will decide to push Dead Rising 4‘s release date a little further. The game will be facing stiff competition from South Park: The Fractured But Whole, not to mention other potential blockbuster releases have yet to decide on a release date and could pick December 6th.

With its Christmastime setting, maybe Capcom is considering the possibility of delaying Dead Rising 4 a couple of weeks to put its launch closer to December 25th, so that it will have less competition on the shelves. This could explain why Capcom and Microsoft were cautious about offering specifics when Dead Rising 4 was revealed at E3, and only confirmed the planned release date after it had already leaked to the masses.

Dead Rising 4 will be available on December 6th for PC and Xbox One.

Source: IGN