Dead Rising 4 Trailer Takes Players Back to the Mall

Dead Rising 4 Mall Trailer

A brand new Dead Rising 4 trailer shows Frank West returning to the mall plaza of Willamette, a location that should seem familiar to fans of the first game.

There's more to Dead Rising 4 than just the return of original protagonist Frank West: the series is returning to its roots in the form of the wholesome town of Willamette. The lovely blood-soaked locale played host to Willamette Parkview Mall, where the original Dead Rising took place, and a brand new trailer released by Xbox now shows our favorite intrepid journalist returning to a new form of the same location years later.

Dead Rising 4 was originally revealed during E3 2016, where gamers got to watch a gratuitously gore-filled 14 minute long gameplay video. Beside of a strong new focus on taking selfies, Dead Rising 4 will encourage players to take advantage of sci-fi inspired exo suits, which give Frank the power of several men. This allows him to do things like punch vehicles into hordes of zombies, or utilize heavy weapons like a gatling gun or flamethrower. Much like Saints Row, each new iteration of the series seems to up the ante of ridiculousness, and the exo suit seems to be this game's main card.

Exo suit rampages aside, Capcom Vancouver and Xbox are hoping fans will be content this week simply seeing Mr. West return to his usual shopping plaza locale:


As the above trailer shows, the game will feature a series-staple collection of ridiculous weapons, so fans should go into the game expecting more items like teddybear turrets and colorful explosives. The upcoming title also marks the first time a Dead Rising game won't have a time limit, reportledly because the developers have packed much more into the map this time around. Players weren't able to explore the town surrounding Willamette Parkview Mall in the first game, and it looks like the town will have much more to offer this time.

As confirmed by Capcom Vancouver, the mall from the original game was actually destroyed following the initial outbreak. Instead, the appropriately named Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall was built in its place. For all intents and purposes, it's the same place with an urban environment (and a far bigger focus on vehicles) this time around.

This week, Capcom Vancouver is releasing a port of the first and second Dead Rising experiences for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The Dead Rising Triple Pack is a great opportunity for zombie fans to join in on the madness that is Dead Rising, especially with the fourth title only a few months way.

Will you be returning to Willamette when Dead Rising 4 launches this holiday season, Ranters?

Dead Rising 4 will be available on December 6th for PC and Xbox One, and will likely launch for PS4 after a year of timed exclusivity.

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