Screenshots from what looks to be Dead Rising 4 have surfaced online, ahead of its E3 reveal, showing the game’s new protagonist going toe-to-toe with the massive zombie hordes.

It looks like it’s going to be a good E3 for zombie fans as images from Capcom’s yet unconfirmed Dead Rising 4 leak online, ahead of its intended reveal.

In the last week, rumors of a new entry in the Dead Rising franchise surfaced, courtesy of industry insider and NeoGAF user Ekim. The claim made by Ekim was that Dead Rising 4 would be announced at E3, and that it would ‘make fans of the series happy’. Now it’s looking more and more likely like the insider knowledge is coming from a good place as several images, presumably from the upcoming game, find their way online.

dead rising 4 leak 2

dead rising 4 leak 3

dead rising 4 leak 5

dead rising 4 leak 6

The screenshots show the game’s newest protagonist fighting an army of zombies and getting kills in the most gory ways imaginable, from a classic baseball bat beatdown to a grisly chainsaw attack that splits the undead creature right down the middle. Interestingly, what looks to be a powerful exo-skeleton suit is also shown off, allowing the protagonist to go hand to hand with the zombie hordes. One delightful gif even shows our new hero lifting a zombie above his head and tearing it in two using nothing but the aforementioned suit.

It seems that the item crafting elements of previous games will still be playing a role in Dead Rising too as another gif shows the protagonist wielding what appears to be a lightning-infused axe, which can be raised to show all nearby enemies before being slammed into the ground to dispatch all those unlucky enough to be caught in the shockwave.

dead rising 4 leak 4

If the leaked images have any credit, it seems that the rumors about Dead Rising 4 returning to the mall from the first game are likely true, as one shot shows the main character driving a police car into a horde of undead, underneath a ‘Welcome to Willamette’ sign. Not only does this suggest that our new player character is a police officer, it also confirms that the location of the new game is set in the same town as the original Dead Rising. 

If the rest of that same leak is true, Dead Rising 4 is supposedly to be a remake of the first game during Christmas time, featuring 4 player co-op gameplay. Co-op is certainly an exciting aspect to look forward to but the real question is whether the new game will make its way onto PC, like Dead Rising 3 did eventually, or whether we will see another Xbox One exclusive. Only time will tell but it’s likely that we won’t have to wait long to find out as E3 begins to reveal its secrets in a matter of hours.

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