Rumor Patrol: New Leak Reveals More Dead Rising 4 Details

Dead Rising Leak Suggests PS4 Remaster - Frank West surrounded by zombies

While rumors continue to swirl, the original source of the Dead Rising 4 leak resurfaces to provide even more exciting information about Capcom's zombie series.

The video game industry is rushing headlong into the final week ahead of E3 2016, and as is customary, rumors are spreading with the quickness and ferocity of a zombie epidemic. Earlier this month, an industry insider named Ekim posted on the NeoGAF boards about Capcom's Dead Rising 4, a title the company apparently plans to show off at E3. The rumor was corroborated by several other supposed industry insiders, but skeptics understandably wanted more to go on before believing the existence of a new Dead Rising.

Capcom's zombie franchise is almost assuredly getting a new instalment in Dead Rising 4 now, however, original leaker Ekim resurfaced on Twitter to post some more details about the upcoming game, and images of the game cropped up on another website called ThisGenGaming this afternoon. Ekim's Twitter offers more:


While it remains to be seen just how accurate Ekim is, given that Dead Rising 4 hasn't even been officially announced yet, the details of the rumor seem to check out from a logical standpoint. Capcom rebooting the franchise with a remake makes a lot of sense and is consistent with its approach to games lately, while prioritizing a multiplayer aspect of the game in a 4-player co-op mode seems to be taking a page from another successful zombie game in Left 4 Dead.

Ekim's Twitter also suggests that Dead Rising 4 will be only available on the Xbox One and Windows 10, although once again these rumors are entirely unconfirmed and are being considered because of the seemingly accurate initial leak Ekim provided earlier. Luckily for fans eager for some more news, all the rumors surrounding the game have agreed on one thing - that Dead Rising 4 will be at E3 2016.

dead rising 4 poster e3 2016 capcom

Whether or not Capcom can recapture the magic that made the original Dead Rising, and by extension Frank West, so interesting remains to be seen. However, given the commercial success of Dead Rising 3, a game that didn't even feature the immensely popular West, it's clear that there is a market for Capcom's brand of zombie apocalypse, and a remaster could do wonders for the publisher.

What would you want from a Dead Rising remake? Are you excited by the prospect of Frank West returning to the series? Let us know in the comments below.

Dead Rising 4 is rumored to be in production for the Xbox One and PC, and should be announced during E3 2016.

Source: Twitter (via Kotaku)

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