Dead Rising 4 DLC Adds Zombie Frank West


Just recently, the video game publisher and developer Capcom announced the forthcoming addition of a fresh downloadable episode for its survival-horror and beat-em-up hybrid, Dead Rising 4, which turns the title's protagonist Frank West into a zombie. Cleverly titled "Frank Rising," the DLC is set to be available for the game on April 4 for both the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC platforms.

The forthcoming DLC episode centers around an outbreak in the town of Willamette that infects West, which essentially turns Frank into one of the zombies that he’s been up against throughout the series of games that feature the hordes of the walking dead. In this particular Dead Rising 4 add-on, players will be under the gun, so to speak, as they "race to find a permanent cure while developing all-new abilities and strength."


In addition to trying to rid Frank of the zombie disease infecting his system, Dead Rising 4 fans will have to give in to his undead urges by feasting on others to survive, as he can no longer ingest food to regain health. Not to mention, as he's trying to save himself, players are going to be saddled with the responsibility of timed missions that involve saving several survivors for whom Frank West cares about before the government destroys Willamette once and for all to rid itself of the zombie threat.

Those who have already purchased Dead Rising 4's season pass won't have to worry about going out of their way to get the Frank Rising DLC, as it should be available for download upon launch in April. Fans who wish to obtain the extra episode à la carte, however, can purchase the add-on separately for $10.

Beyond Dead Rising 4's Frank Rising DLC, Capcom intends on following up the expansion with golf-based post-launch content called "Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf" later this spring. Considering these expansions and the two new difficulty modes recently introduced to the game, it's safe to say that Dead Rising 4 fans will have plenty to keep them busy for the foreseeable future.

Dead Rising 4 is out now for Xbox One and PC.

Source: Polygon

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