A new E3 gameplay demo for Dead Rising 4 reveals a number of over the top weapons and vehicles the series is known for including some returning features as well.

Part of the challenge leading up to a massive event like E3 is ensuring that leaks do not happen. For a few games, this proved to be an impossible task thanks to advertising slip ups, and other events that tipped fans off to games like Injustice 2, Watch_Dogs 2, and Dead Rising 4 before companies intended. Even armed with that knowledge, Microsoft and Capcom revealed the first official trailer for Dead Rising 4 yesterday confirming Frank West is returning and bringing back his creative zombie killing ways with him. Thanks to a lengthy game play demo, fans now have a better idea as to just how absurd and surprising this game can be.

The Dead Rising franchise is known for letting fans go wild with their imagination, crafting some incredibly crazy weapons and gear to help in quickly slaying waves of zombies. This new iteration takes things to a whole new level letting just about anything and everything become a weapon. The E3 gameplay demo shows off a lot of potential weapons for Frank to get his hands on including an electrified ax, a crossbow with bolts that explode into fireworks, and an ice sword because why not. The exo suit and minigun featured in the E3 trailer is also shown off during the game play demo, essentially making the player super powered and go on an impressive kill streak.

The twelve minute demo also confirms some returning features as well including a durability system that sees weapons degrade the more they’re used, and a progression system that allows players to upgrade their character from earning experience from killing the undead and keeping a combo meter going from each kill. Using a camera and taking photos is also making a return, though the feature has been expanded letting the player have Frank take a selfie and make some funny faces in the process. Interestingly enough, it appears that Frank West will be returning home to Willamette, which long time fans will remember as being the original location in the first game and the source of the outbreak in general.

Even though the return of Dead Rising was effectively spoiled thanks to a number of rumors in the past month and then a pretty massive leak before Microsoft was set to take the stage for its E3 2016 press conference, many of the details behind the game were thankfully still a surprise. Series mainstay and original protagonist, Frank West, appears to be back in the limelight replacing Chuck Greene and Nick Ramos from the previous couple of titles in the series.

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Dead Rising 4 is currently scheduled for a Holiday 2016 release for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Source: Eurogamer YouTube Channel