Capcom announces that an upcoming update for Dead Rising 4 will introduce two new difficulty modes to the title, along with a free timed demo of the game.

The return of Frank West in Dead Rising 4 brought with it plenty of quips about covering wars and a copious amount of in-game selfies, and the game itself delivered an entertaining adventure throughout the fictional town of Willamette. Capcom Vancouver decided to shake up the series by removing timed events this time around, a feature which some think removed too much of the series-staple sense of urgency, resulting in a comparatively unchallenging playthrough.

Those who found Dead Rising 4 too easy will be happy to hear that the game is poised to get two new difficulty modes, called Hard and Ultra-Hard, during an update scheduled for January 30th. The new difficulty options will make weapons break down faster, and will ensure that whatever food Frank manages to get his hands on will restore less health than it would on lower difficulty levels. Defeating the game on either of these new difficulty options will grant Xbox One and PC gamers new completion achievements which are called “Chopping Spree” and “Biter’s Remorse”, respectively.

Dead Rising 4 Street Fighter Costumes

The Monday patch will also introduce five new Street Fighter costumes which Frank can wear, some of which are pictured above. Frank has always been a paragon of acceptance throughout the Dead Rising series, so it’s not surprising to see him equally as comfortable sporting a Cammy costume as he is with a Zangief one. The other fighters included in the update are Guile, M. Bison, and T. Hawk. While it doesn’t seem like wearing the themed costumes will grant the player any special fighting abilities, it’s a nice little tie-in courtesy of Capcom.

Those still on the fence about picking up Dead Rising 4 will soon have a chance to give the ballad of Frank West a little test drive, as Capcom is releasing a timed one hour demo for the game on January 31st, a day after the update is poised to introduce the new difficulty options and free costumes. If gamers should choose to purchase the game after the timed demo expires, their progress will carry over into the full title – though that’ll be the only ‘timed challenge’ they’ll get in their playthrough.

While the game seems to have lost some of the series-staple endearing features and finishing touches, the upcoming January 30th update should make fans who had complained about the lack of difficulty happy.

What do you think about the upcoming difficulty update for Dead Rising 4, Ranters? Did you find the game too easy?

Dead Rising 4 is available now on Xbox One and PC.