Dead Rising 4 Trailer Offers Bloody Christmas Tease

Dead Rising 4

Microsoft releases a new promotional trailer for Dead Rising 4 that introduces a unique and bloody twist to the traditional holiday Yule Log video footage.

Though the main rush of AAA game releases for the holiday season may be over at this point, Microsoft is working hard to remind fans that Dead Rising 4 is still right around the corner. The latest entry in the long running franchise is a return to form of sorts, as not only is long time protagonist Frank West back in the leading role, players are also returning to the old stomping grounds of Willamette, Colorado during another outbreak. While previous videos and teasers have shown off the over the top gameplay fans have come to expect, this new trailer aims to get people into the holiday spirit.

The 21 minute promotional trailer for Dead Rising 4 puts its own unique and bloody spin on the classic Yule Log video. Traditional videos depict a nice and warm looking fire with wooden logs crackling and keeping the fire lit. The twist in this video is the fact that body parts are roasting instead of the wood. Every now and again, someone throws more on to keep things burning while stoking the fire with a baseball bat adorned with barbed wire and Christmas lights.


If that wasn't enough, the video also includes zombie sounds and weirdly catchy music clearly inspired by Dead Rising. As odd as this video may be, this isn't the first time the promotional material has tapped into the holiday theme. The debut trailer which arrived officially at E3 earlier this year was set to Jingle Bell Rock, while Frank West pulverized the undead with handcrafted weapons like a candy cane launcher.

Similar to the other games in the series, this fourth installment remains an open world, enabling players to explore the map as they see fit. Unlike previous games however, Capcom Vancouver has removed certain elements such as a story co-op mode and the very divisive time limit. When asked for more details on the time limit removal, studio head Joe Nickolls confirmed that Dead Rising 4 features a detailed open world and the team wants people to explore it thoroughly instead of feeling rushed. Not only that, extensive research showed that the feature just wasn't well liked.

Even without a co-op mode for the main campaign, Dead Rising 4 will have multiplayer, including a dedicated co-op mode which seems to toe the line closer to Left 4 Dead or the zombie modes in Call of Duty. For a taste of something different, the season pass also promises an 18 hole minigolf course that up to four players can partake in, featuring an oversized gold ball and undead hordes.

Will you be storming the streets of Willamette or waiting until it launches on other platforms in the future? Let us know what you're thinking in the comments.

Dead Rising 4 launches on December 6 for Xbox One and PC.

Source: Xbox YouTube

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