Dead Rising 4 executive producer Joe Nickolls reveals that while Dead Rising 3 allows players to craft vehicles, Dead Rising 4 allows players to craft body mods.

Following a series of leaks that let the undead cat out of the bag long before it was scheduled, Dead Rising 4 was officially revealed during the Microsoft E3 2016 press conference. Frank West returns as a protagonist in the new game, which is exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 10, once gain taking down zombies in a shopping mall. While the game’s announcement trailer featured several methods of zombie killing, such as a sledgehammer, a rocket launcher and a good ol’ fashioned knee to the face, there was one very special feature that it didn’t mention.

That feature is the ability to mod Frank West’s body. During a demo of the game, executive producer Joe Nickolls revealed that Dead Rising 4 would further improve upon the crafting features seen in previous Dead Rising titles.

Dead Rising 3 lets you craft vehicles,” said the executive, adding that “in Dead Rising 4, you can essentially craft yourself.” Unfortunately Nickolls didn’t reveal any specific mods, but GameSpot reports that certain weapon caches in the game allow players to pick up exo suits which will allow for body mods, with the exo suit’s metal exterior also letting Frank West take more damage and deal “brutal” melee attacks.

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Moreover, the Dead Rising franchise has always stood in stark contrast to more “serious” zombie slaying franchises. With the reveal of the serious PS4 exclusive Days Gone as well as the Resident Evil 7 VR experience, which is more likely to give viewers nightmares than laughs, the potential silliness offered by body modding makes the game stand out more than ever.

During the demo, Nickolls also addressed concerns that with Frank West returning, Dead Rising 4 is not a true sequel. The executive producer stated that “people love Frank and even though we’re bringing him back, this is not, in any way, a remake. Some people have been making that mistake. But this is a full blown new game.”

Unfortunately for the Dead Rising 4 development team, doubters may need a little more convincing. A recent Dead Rising 4 gameplay walkthrough confirmed returning features such as the ability to use a camera to take photos (although this time around Frank can take selfies) and the game is also returning to the original Dead Rising’s location (and Frank’s hometown) of Willamette. Further information on Dead Rising 4’s body modding may help to convince gamers that the game can indeed offer them something new, though for now they will likely remain skeptical.

Dead Rising 4 is currently scheduled for a Holiday 2016 release for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Source: GameSpot