‘Dead Rising 3’ Story Trailer Spreads The Infection

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Fans of the Dead Rising franchise had a fairly good sense of what to expect when Dead Rising 3 was announced as an Xbox One exclusive. In the time since, the developers at Capcom haven’t disappointed, taking the core zombie-culling to a bigger, better, and more open-ended place, while showing that the franchise’s signature brand of humor was intact.

But the story is what drives the carnage, with the latest trailer showing exactly what will be motivating new hero Nick Ramos in his quest to escape Los Perdidos.

Until now, details on the exact plot of the sandbox zombie-slayer have been hard to come by. The trailer sets the stage quite plainly: set just three days after the zombie outbreak, auto mechanic Nick Ramos becomes infected. That doesn’t mean he can’t treat the illness to buy him and his friends some time, but in the meantime…here’s hoping the people he finds fighting alongside him are the understanding sort.

The game’s cinematic trailer showed how inventive Ramos can be with just a few scraps of metal, so gaining a partner or two isn’t too hard to believe. But the latest screenshots released show that the human survivors of Los Perdidos – either eccentric or downright deranged – may have players wishing zombies were their only problem. Take a look:

Our previous chances to play the game for ourselves have shown that players will have the option of racking up kills (and laughs) slaying zombies by hand, and by constructing combo vehicles to deal out maximum damage. These screenshots seem to imply that a significant portion of the story will be devoted to human encounters whether those result in simple cutscenes or new AI partners, or as the image of a space suit jetpack seems to imply, challenging combat encounters.

Whatever the case may be, it’s a safe bet that with the launch of next-gen consoles Xbox One owners will simply be hungry for any next-gen games available. Our concerns over the technical aspects of Dead Rising 3 persist, but if the story crafted for the game is as cinematic as this trailer implies, and with players able to complete the game with a co-op partner, fans of the franchise shouldn’t be disappointed.

What do you think of the story trailer? Is Dead Rising 3 one of the reason you’ll be investing in an Xbox One, or are you basing your buying decision on something else? Sound off in the comments.


Dead Rising 3 launches alongside the Xbox One on November 22, 2013.

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