‘Dead Rising 3’ Scores ‘Operation Eagle’ DLC, Demo Released

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It’s been far from a lacklustre launch for Microsoft’s Xbox One, and the sales of the spiffy new console more than show that. While this platform (and the rival PlayStation 4 for that matter) has been branded a rousing success, the software lineup is largely to thank. One of the crown jewels of the Xbox One’s launch was the third-party exclusive Dead Rising 3, and today the title’s developer, Capcom Vancouver, revealed the first major add-on for the zany zombie survival game.

The add-on, title Operation Eagle, is the first of four planned downloadable expansions for Dead Rising 3, and it removes Nick Ramos from the playable spotlight in favor of introducing a new playable protagonist that goes by the name Adam Kane. This new hero is a Spec Ops Commander that’s been sent into the zombie-infected Los Perdidos to rescue the President of the United States. As players progress through the additional story content, Kane will be forced to make some very difficult decisions as he quickly learns that everything may not be as it seems.

Operation Eagle adds the following content to Dead Rising 3:

  • 1 New Mission
  • 5 New Weapons
  • 1 New Combo Weapon
  • 1 New Vehicle
  • 1 New Outfit

Dead Rising 3 Operation Eagle Screenshots

Additionally, the DLC brings with it brand new achievements for fans to unlock, and all of the progress and experience that’s gained within Operation Eagle will transfer over to the regular game as well. Of course, those that currently don’t own Dead Rising 3 may find this additional content interesting, but are wondering whether or not the full game is worth their hard-earned cash.

Anyone who happens to own the Xbox One can now see if the third Dead Rising is worth the investment absolutely free, as Capcom Vancouver has revealed that it’s released a demo for the game on the Xbox Games Store. The demo, available right now, unleashes users into the vast city of Los Perdidos and they’re free to stir up chaos for 20 minutes before being returned to the main menu. The only drawback is that the demo can only be played a grand total of two times per gamer tag.

Operation Eagle will be available for zombie slaying enthusiasts beginning on December 24, 2013.

Are you looking forward to Operation Eagle, Ranters? Any chance you’ll give the new demo a try?

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