There’s nothing gamers love more than serious, no-holds barred, emotionally traumatic looks at the nuances of a zombie apocalypse – and that’s exactly what Dead Rising 3 is all about. Chronicling the struggles of Nick Ramos to battle the zombie outbreak of Los Perdidos (and the infection flowing through his veins), the Xbox One exclusive is anything but a laughing matter.

Now that we’ve got that out of system, it’s time to ask ourselves the more important question: will Dead Rising 3 players choose to do their zombie slaughtering in an enormous cartoon shark costume, or dressed up as Mega Man? That’s right, the latest trailer for Capcom‘s next entry in the series lets players slip into a replica costume of Mega Man X that would make any cosplayer nauseous from sheer envy.

The latest trailer shows that the sense of humor that has come to define the Dead Rising series isn’t limited only to in-game lunacy, completely absurd combination vehicles, or a general disregard for the notion that games can be technically aspirational while still being sillier than anything else on the market. Granted, the inclusion of the Mega Man X costume probably isn’t what Capcom fans were hoping for when the publisher promised that “they hadn’t forgotten about Mega Man,” but… we suppose it’s better than nothing.

Dead Rising 3 Mega Man X Video

Besides the obviously stunning costume design (proving that Mega Man continues to set fashion trends in every decade), the unlockable suit also unleashes a few of the platforming star’s signature weapons. It’s hard to confidently say that reducing zombies to ash with energy blasts is more or less fun than turning them into a walking game of ‘Whack-a-Mole’ (now play with a friend!) but it looks at least as visually impressive.

Exact details on how the suit will be unlocked – whether through DLC, or simply in-game achievements – haven’t been released, but if prior games in the series are anything to go by, it shouldn’t be too hard to uncover.

What do you think of the inclusion? Is it nice to be reminded that Capcom’s sense of humor and love of the company’s history is alive and well? More importantly, just how clear does this video make it that a next-gen Mega Man game is an overlooked blockbuster? Sound off in the comments.


Dead Rising 3 launches alongside the Xbox One on November 22, 2013.

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