‘Dead Rising 3’ Gets DLC Season’s Pass & ‘Nick or Treat’ Halloween Trailer

By | 3 years ago 

Merry Halloween you wee critters. On this a day of scares and fun converge, it is perhaps apt that Capcom releases a new Dead Rising 3 trailer demonstrating the pure ridiculousness of the game. Showing off suits of armor, mariachi band get up, Football attire and a full furry shark suit, it seems that the game’s main character, Nick, is going to have quite a lot of choice when it comes to what he was to go as for All Hallow’s Eve.

He also of course, has his choice of props as the new ‘Nick or Treat’ Dead Rising 3 trailer showcases a myriad of weapons to use against the undead, from dual pistols, a sword, a buzz-saw, an exploding football and fitting for the holiday, a simple run-of-the-mill pumpkin all featuring.

Ever since unpopular comments at E3 by the developers indicated that the game was trying to appeal to Call of Duty players, the marketing focus has been fixed on trying to reassure old fans that the series’ signature over-the-top fun and silly wanton against the undead was intact. From co-op pictures to the more cinematic trailers, the devs are promoting the absurd weapons and vehicles players can craft in the game.

Dead Rising 3 Halloween Trailer

Capcom also outlined the game’s Season Pass. Available at launch, the pass will include new characters, weapons, missions and a whole range of other content that gamers have come to expect from these type of deals. The Season Pass will be available for $29.99, which covers 4 DLC packs at a saving of 25% off each purchase if they were bought individually. Season Pass holders will get the Nick Ramos Tribute pack which comes with a custom muscle car and a new costume for Nick.

The four DLC packs include:

  • Pack 1: “Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle”
  • Pack 2: “Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel”
  • Pack 3: “Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising”
  • Pack 4: “Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent”

Fans can feel free to purchase Season Passes as they desire, even if it is for a game that is unreleased on a console that also hasn’t hit shelves yet. If Dead Rising 3 is great and all the DLC is worthwhile, but it might be wise to wait and see.

Happy zombie hunting to all.

Dead Rising 3 will be available on the Xbox One at launch on November 22, 2013.