‘Dead Rising 3’ ‘Fallen Angel’ DLC Launch Trailer, Screenshots

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After dying a death at the hands of Half-Life 2‘s ambitious add-on schedule, episodic content appears to be making something of a comeback. Whether through staggered release – as with Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us, or season-long content drops – in the case of Dead Rising 3 — these piecemeal installments can help to keep a title in the limelight for far longer than is typically possible.

With Dead Rising 3 the content is divvied up into four short DLC adventures. These so-called ‘Untold Stories of Los Perdidos’ feature four familiar characters, fighting four distinct missions to each fend off the zombie scourge. The series’ first installment Operation Broken Eagle arrived back in January to an altogether mixed critical reception. Now, the second part of Capcom‘s grizzly quartet is upon us.

Released online earlier today, the Fallen Angel pack follows punk rock protagonist Angel, a Mohawked member of Red’s gang tasked with battling a covert government plot. Angel’s new armaments (which also carry over to Nick’s campaign) include: double-wield uzis — able to spray in a deadly circle, a lightning-spewing rifle, one medieval mace, multiple gas grenades and two electro-shock paddles — utilized by Angel as knuckle dusters. An armored burger van also appears as the character’s personal vehicle. To see any of these fresh weapons in action, check out the launch trailer:

Following a poor response to Operation Broken Eagle — in particular its dismal 60-minute runtime – most fans will likely be hoping for a lengthier experience this time around. Unfortunately, the harsh time-scales involved in episodic content delivery means any major changes – including filling out the title- remain extremely unlikely. It’s interesting to note that, had Capcom waited until the very end of its DLC rollout phase, and only then collected together all four packs as one, the Los Perdidos additions may have appeared much more favorably to buyers.

Are these bitesize narratives more, or less interesting than Nick’s main game quest? Should characters really be allowed to share in the same earned abilities? Where next for Dead Rising 3‘s apocalyptic DLC? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check in with all of the latest Xbox One news, right here on Game Rant.


The Dead Rising 3 Fallen Angel DLC is now available to download from the Xbox One Marketplace – priced at $9.99 in the US and £7.99 in the UK. All four campaign packs, including last month’s Operation Broken Eagle can be also be purchased as part of the game’s discount Season Pass ($29.99/£24.99)

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