Despite a solid launch lineup, Dead Rising 3 remains one of the most talked about games on Microsoft’s recently released Xbox One console. As far as exclusives, Ryse: Son of Rome showcased eye-popping next-gen graphics, Forza 5 introduced gamers to the excitement (and sometimes frustration) of “Drivatar” gameplay, and Killer Instinct presented a fun dose of nostalgia (not to mention solid fighting game mechanics) at a bargain price, but with over 30 hours of sandbox missions and exploration, many Xbox One owners are still working their way through Capcom’s zombocalypse title.

Recently, the developer added a host of stability improvements and a whole new batch of missions, along with a different playable character, for their first downloadable add-on, “Operation Broken Eagle.” Yet, the DLC is only the first of four episodes – with three more arriving at unspecified future dates. In keeping with the developer’s goal of following one “untold” Los Perdidos story in every installment, each will put a new protagonist front and center. Players have already been introduced to Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane, who was tasked with finding the U.S. President amidst the zombie-infested sandbox, and now we’re getting a sneak peek at the rest of Dead Rising 3‘s playable DLC characters.

Capcom has yet to unveil an official description for the unreleased DLC entries but thanks to new achievements that have appeared in-game, we not only know the titles of the forthcoming episodes, we also have an (admittedly vague) idea of what to expect from each leading character.

  • Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising – Biker Gang leader Hunter
  • Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel – “Illegal” survivor Angel
  • Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent – Unknown GDC Agent

Dead Rising 3 Hunter DLC

Hunter should be familiar to anyone who has played the main campaign but VideoGamer has kindly pulled achievement images of the other two DLC characters for reference (check them out HERE). Gamers can view even more pics of the characters by checking out the updated achievements, and their respective images, on the Xbox One dashboard but (WARNING) some of them include minor story spoilers. Keep in mind, the achievements don’t indicate when each episode will be released (the listing above is simply in alphabetical order) and we’ll have to wait for word from the studio to find out which DLC add-on will be next.

Similar to “Operation Broken Eagle,” the upcoming Dead Rising 3 DLC episodes won’t likely deliver a vastly different experience from the core campaign – meaning that anyone who is already wearing tired of button mashing in the middle of a hundred-plus zombie horde might want to hold-off on the game’s season pass (at least until they are craving a return to Los Perdidos). That said, for fans who love the wild characters, hack and slash combat, as well as zany costumes, each episode should provide plenty of new weapons to combo, vehicles to create, and story missions to guide sandbox exploration. In fact, since weirdos like Angel and Hunter are featured in 2/3 of the forthcoming add-ons, gamers might want to prepare for some especially over-the-top storytelling in the yet-to-be-released add-ons.

Dead Rising 3 Adam Kane DLC

Sadly, the achievements continue one of the most disappointing elements of “Operation Broken Eagle” – a lack of co-operative gameplay. Unless Capcom decides to include the feature down the line, gamers should anticipate that each DLC add-on will be single player only.


Dead Rising 3 is available now exclusively for the Xbox One.

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Source: VideoGamer [via VG247]