‘Dead Rising 3’ Co-Op Mode Details: Playable Character, Co-Op Vehicles

By | 3 years ago 

With almost two months until the Xbox One hits store shelves, it’s time for many of the console’s intriguing launch titles to put their best foot forward. Developers on games like Dead Rising 3, for example, want to ensure that gamers know why their game is the one to pick up amidst the myriad of launch titles available.

To help better sell gamers on Dead Rising 3, Capcom was busy showing of their game’s new co-op mode, which lets two players wreak havoc on the city of Los Perdidos. Yes, Nick Ramos is the main protagonist in Dead Rising 3, but his zombie-slaying adventure isn’t necessarily a solitary one.

For Dead Rising 3 co-op, Capcom is introducing a character named Dick, a truck driver who is trying to survive just like every one else. Dick is a presence in the Dead Rising 3 campaign regardless – Nick will encounter him throughout the story – but in co-op player 2 controls him.

However, although the second player jumps into his friend’s game, he has the freedom to explore every nook and cranny Los Perdidos has to offer. Of course, there will be incentives for players to stick together — like co-op specific vehicles — but if they so choose, players can simply exist in the same world.

Dead Rising 3 Co-Op

Co-op for Dead Rising 3 sounds more like a simultaneous than a cohesive one, with the only noticeable element of cooperation/competition being the zombie kill count. There are co-op missions, but Nick and Dick have the freedom to go anywhere they like, within the bounds of a given level.

Based on the brief details revealed by the co-op preview, it’s hard to see the mode as anything more than a bullet point for Dead Rising 3. There doesn’t seem to be any element of the story that Dick has access to — unless we’re mistaken — but the ability to smash zombie heads with a friend might be good enough.

As well, our preview of the game at E3 2013 and Comic-Con left a lot to be desired in terms of what the Xbox One hardware could deliver. Dead Rising 3 promises an ambitious, and literal, horde of zombies will be shambling around Los Perdidos at any one time, but the frame rate suffers the more undead pop up on screen. And so, with talk of co-op now, it’s hard to wonder if that, too, will impact the game’s performance on the console. We’ll have to wait until launch to see.

Does co-op sound like something you would be interested in for Dead Rising 3? How would you like to see Dead Rising 3 encourage multiplayer?

Dead Rising 3 will be available November 22, 2013 for the Xbox One.

Source: Financial Post