Anyone who has been keeping tabs on Dead Rising 3 knows by now that when the zombie horde attacks, nothing goes together quite like a sledgehammer and a cement saw. But while we know it’s effective in combat, the question remains: can it turn (or sever) as many heads in a high-budget cinematic trailer? Luckily, we need wonder no more.

The new protagonist of Dead Rising 3 takes center stage in the new cinematic trailer from Gamescom 2013, produced in collaboration with famed cinematic-trailer-producer Blur Studio. Providing a closer look at the new hero’s fighting style, vocabulary, and yes, the Sledge Saw, the video proves that improvised melee weapons are all well and good; but they just can’t compare to the RollerHawg.

We’ve got to hand it to Blur Studio once again: although the trailer is undeniably cinematic in presentation, the environments, action, and even the various strategies employed by the undead are all in line with our hands-on experience with Dead Rising 3. It’s hard to tell if Nick’s newfound friend, Anne, will be around for the long haul – or if zombies really can wield weapons effectively – but the introduction of the RollerHawg blows all those questions out of the water.

Along with the new trailer comes even more photographic evidence of the wide range of Combo-Vehicles the developers at Capcom Vancouver have dreamed up. And while Nick Ramos may be deadly thanks to inventions like the ShockDozer, he seems to be just as dangerous on foot. Have a look:

If the combination of a motorcycle with a steamroller wasn’t enough proof that the same ludicrous sense of humor and surreal zombie warfare that shaped the series is still intact, the screenshots should make it clear. If we didn’t know any better, we would say the ‘Dragon Punch’ attack shown is based on a pair of leaf blowers, boxing gloves, and screwdrivers. If that’s the case, the football helmet is an understandable safety precaution.

It’s hard to say if the sense of humor and marketing boost that comes with being an Xbox One launch exclusive can overcome the serious framerate issues we noticed at E3 2013 – and again at San Diego Comic-Con – but at least fans of the series can have faith that the tone remains unchanged.

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Dead Rising 3 launches alongside the Xbox One this November.

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