'Dead Rising 2' Trailer Provides a Place to Take Those Psychos

Dead Rising 2 Psycho Trailer

As of late it has become a popular trend for games to include Zombies as a way to spice up the gameplay, but then there are those games that base the entirety of their experience on fighting off the undead. One of the more popular of these types of titles, Dead Rising 2, is not only known for its zombie horde and creative weapons but for the bizarre psychos that reside within the game as well. A new fake trailer for the game poses as an infomercial for a wellness spa for said psychos.

'Fortune City Wellness Restraint and Spa' is the perfect location to take your loved ones who are having trouble coping with the new normalcy that has arisen post zombie outbreak. If you are finding their behavior to be a bit out of the ordinary, there is now a new place to take those you care about so they can no longer do harm to Chuck and his daughter or to others.


Throughout the game, in order to break up the monotony of fighting wave after wave of mindless zombies, Dead Rising 2 will throw a psycho at our hero Chuck. These psychos are not infected by the zombie outbreak, but instead have become so disillusioned by their plight that they begin to take on an off balanced personality. Personally, these psychos are one of the more engaging elements in the Dead Rising series, as they are unique characters with their own motivations and back-story as opposed to zombies that just want to eat some brains.

While we weren’t completely thrilled with Dead Rising 2 (read our review), there was still a lot to enjoy; the downloadable prequel Dead Rising: Case Zero was especially good. It might have been a game that did little to improve upon the flaws of the previous game, but the satisfying zombie killing is always enough to provide some mindless fun. On top of that, we await with bated breath the return of Frank West, because the blond haired Chuck doesn't hold a candle to the photographer that started it all.

Which of Dead Rising 2’s psychos was your favorite? Do you have anyone in your life you wish you could take to the Fortune City Wellness Restraint and Spa?

Dead Rising 2 is available now for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Source: Capcom Unity

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