Dead Rising 2 Poised To Dethrone Resident Evil? Capcom's Keiji Inafune Says Yes

Dead Rising

Leon might be storming the grounds at Capcom today after Keiji Inafune’s interview with Eurogamer. Being the head of R&D for Capcom, Keiji has the ultimate say in their games, and what he had to say about where Dead Rising 2 fits in with Resident Evil IP will have Resident Evil fans grabbing their shotguns.

Keiji Inafune spoke with Eurogamer recently:

“The goal for Dead Rising 2 is to replace the Resident Evil franchise and become the number one IP within Capcom." ...  “As a creator, the sales and marketing part aside, unless you have a big goal to strive for you can't create a good game. Therefore, if the Dead Rising franchise takes over the Resident Evil franchise, a new game I come up with will obviously strive to go over Dead Rising. That's the goal I set out for any title I decide to create.”

Dead Rising

With Dead Rising 2 Case Zero now available for download, we can clearly see how it might be able to compete with the beloved Resident Evil series. With epic weapon combinations, tons of zombies to slaughter, and fast paced action Dead Rising 2 could take the zombie crown, however it will likely need something that Resident Evil has in spades: An immersive, compelling story.

Pure zombie blasting action aside (I mean, we all love Leon with a shotgun, right?), Resident Evil has an expansive story with a long and fruitful history. The characters are well known, and well loved. We all know who Leon is, or Clair or Chris. We have all seen the movies (who is Alice anyway?), and we all are waiting with bated breath for Resident Evil 6 to come out. As video games have grown and evolved, so has Resident Evil, and how can you compete with that?

Dead Rising

The thing is, Keiji knows what he is talking about and if any franchise could topple the Czar of Zombie Games, Resident Evil, it would be one of Capcom’s own. Bottom line is quite simple: Dead Rising 2 looks amazing, and Capcom knows zombies. But will it be a worthy successor? Only time will tell, but as much as I hate to say it,  I think its looking good.

What do you think? Will Dead Rising 2 dethrone the Czar of Zombie Games that is Resident Evil? Are you excited for this release? Have you tried Dead Rising 2: Case Zero yet? Tell us what you think!

Source: Eurogamer

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