Real-Life Fictional Stories: Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2 Real Life Fictional Stories

If you missed the first Real-Life Fictional Stories post, you can find it here. It gives a little background about what I, Jacob Williams, am doing with these posts and also talks about my work in Halo: Reach, which was pretty awesome.

But for those of you who are already with me, or are back from catching up let me start this post off by saying perhaps I should have been a little more humble in my previous post. Sure, I was in Halo: Reach as "Marine 2,347". Sure, I had this awesome melee attack scene you can see in the game if you zoom in and look over a cliff at the right moment. And sure, some critics have said that it makes the game. Yes, those are all true, but maybe I was a little too proud in my post talking about it. Because, man, was I hit in the face with some humble pie, and I kind of think it must be karma's way of getting back at me, or something.

Nothing humbles you more than to see news about a game you totally should have had a part in, but didn't get -- in this case Dead Rising 2. After the first Dead Rising became a hit, everyone was chomping at the bit to get a role in the sequel. And then came news that the sequel would feature a new lead. Are you kidding me? I hadn't even read the script yet, or known anything about the role, but as soon as I heard they were going with a new lead, I knew I was perfect for the part! How could anyone disagree? I was pumped and ready to go. Of course I got an audition. I mean, I was just coming off my breakthrough role in Modern Warfare 2 when the casting call went out. Of course I got an audition.

The audition information they sent me did not have any sides or script, just a general description of how the zombies would look and how they would move around, etc. It also gave instructions for how to apply zombie make-up. When I saw that I was ecstatic. No script, no lines to memorize, and they are telling me what the zombies will be like -- they clearly wanted me to audition for the lead role and do some improv zombie killing at my audition. At my audition there were all these other actors dressed as zombies. I thought it was a little weird that they were casting extras and "featured" zombies the same day they wanted me to come in and read for the lead, but whatever. I didn't let that stop me.

As soon as I got in the room for my audition, I immediately broke the chair and table and started making a make-shift weapon. I could tell how impressed the casting director was by the look on his face, wide-eyed, mouth open -- he was blown away. So yeah, after I finished making my weapon and kicking out the window in the room (to make an escape route should I need one -- I was so in the moment) I yelled some stuff about kicking zombie butt and then I dropped my weapon and just walked out of the room. It was so dramatic, so awesome. They had to have loved it.

Time goes on, and nothing, no call back or anything. Then I finally see promotional stuff about Dead Rising 2 around the time of E3. And guess what? They have their lead. And guess what? It is not me. Are you kidding me? And who the heck is the guy they cast, some nobody, some newbie. Are you freaking kidding me? But I brush it off like it is nothing. I know who I am.

Not Me in Dead Rising 2

And then, just when I start to move on and really get into my Halo: Reach role, Capcom goes and announces Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, where the lead is that same nobody. Sure, it is just a downloadable stand-alone game, but still. Then the reviews hit, and people love it, and then news hits that it broke all these records. Way to pour salt on my wounds just as they were healing! I nailed that audition, and you know it.

But whatever, I moved on. And Capcom should have moved on, too. Just release the game already. We all know everyone will likely love it and it will be a huge success -- just do it already. But no, they just couldn't leave well enough alone, they had to talk about another downloadable title, Dead Rising 2: Case West -- which not only has Dead Rising 2's lead in it, but the return of Frank West too, the lead in the original Dead Rising. And, look, he did a great job in that game, but couldn't Capcom have cast someone else for that role in Case West? More specifically, couldn't they have cast me? I would have nailed it.

Still not me Dead Rising 2

But no, whatever, that is cool. I mean, I would still do a Capcom game in the future. I guess I am the bigger person when it comes to stuff like that. Sure, they don't even have me do a cameo role as a zombie... water under the bridge and stuff. But yeah, maybe I should have been more humble in my post about Halo: Reach because, who knows, maybe this is just karma. I will work on it. But come on Capcom, you know I nailed that audition.

Dead Rising 2 comes out Sept. 28 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. And while it will probably be cool, I think we can all agree it would have been even cooler with me as the lead...

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