Dead Rising 2 Ninja Theme Pack

Dead Rising 2 Theme Pack DLC

Capcom has just released the Ninja Theme pack for Dead Rising 2. On top of getting a cool ninja outfit, Chuck also receives Stealth Mode which allows him to evade zombies by making it harder for them to notice his presence.

The new theme pack also gives Chuck new special attacks and increased attack power when handling the swords in the game. Stackable and throwing items such as plates and nails will have increased throwing speed, resulting in more damage against the undead. Best of all, this DLC comes in pretty cheap at only 160 Microsoft points or $1.99 on the PlayStation Network.

For those who always wanted to see who would win in a fight between a zombie and a ninja, grabbing this DLC is a no-brainer, but for all the others who are hesitant, they may want to look at all of the other costume themed DLC for the game.

Here's the Ninja Skills Pack trailer to see what you'll get:


If you decide to pass on this Ninja pack, don't fret as there is still the upcoming Dead Rising 2: Case West DLC that features good 'ol Frank West, from the first Dead Rising, partnering alongside Chuck to take down the zombie onslaught. Seeing as Keiji Inafune, the man responsible for the Dead Rising series and many other of Capcom's great titles, has resigned for the company, you may want to pick up this DLC anyways and think of it as a collector's item.

So are you guys planning on going into ninja mode with this new DLC?

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