Dead Rising 2 Zomboni

The original Dead Rising still stands as one of, if not my favorite, zombie games of all time. Something just felt right about being locked in a mall filled with zombies – using the merchandise in the stores to fend of the undead hordes dead-set on tearing into your skull.

When I heard that Dead Rising 2 was in the works, I was overjoyed. Then, news surfaced that there would be drop-in 2 player cooperative play and I was sold, and judging by our own John Jacques’ hands-on with the game at E3 2010, it looks to be shaping up quite well.

One of the new features in Dead Rising 2 that has me most interested though, is the multiplayer mode: “Terror Is Reality.” Compared to the television show American Gladiators, it sounds as if players will take part in various challenges – on some sort of twisted gameshow. Needless to say, I was interested to see this in action.

Well, now we have our first look at a new Zamboni Mode in the form of two screenshots – found on the tie-in site for the game.

Dead Rising 2 Zomboni

While this is all the information that’s been revealed, regarding the new addition to Terror Is Reality, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out the goal of Zomboni.

Each player rides on a zamboni of sorts as they run over zombies infesting a converted hockey rink. It seems that the blood from said zombies is sucked up by the machine and then shot into the mouth of the giant zombie statue on the side of the rink. I’d have to guess that the goal is to deposit as much blood into the mouth of the statue as possible – with victory going to the player who harvests the most blood.

Sure, this is definitely not the sort of game mode that will require much in the way of brains. However, assuming the game mode as a whole comes together to provide a compelling experience (truly feeling like some sort of demented gameshow), it could end up being quite fun. Sure, it may just end up being a collection of mini-games focused on killing zombies but that would still be a nice addition to the single player campaign.

How do you feel about this new addition to the “Terror Is Reality” game mode? Will you be picking this game up later this year?

Dead Rising 2 stumbles onto shelves on September 28 in North America and October 1 in Europe.

Source: Tape It Or Die (via G4TV)