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Dead Rising

Capcom has just released the launch trailer for Dead Rising 2, and to be blunt, it's awesome. The trailers manages to set up the plot for the game even more than Dead Rising: Case Zero. The trailer reveals that Chuck is being blamed for the zombie outbreak in Fortune city and he has to prove his innocence on top of keeping his daughter alive with daily injections of the medicine Zombrex, as he did in Case Zero.

In addition to explaining the plot, the trailer also showcases new weapons, combinations, and outfits. Obviously, since Chuck is a motocross champion, the trailer shows how players will have the ability to plow through the infected on a dirt bike. Playing off of the game's main selling point of combining weapons, the trailer leaves you with the catchy tagline "Creativity Kills."

Check out the awesomeness for yourselves:


It would seem that Capcom was aiming for this trailer to be similar to a trailer for an action movie. Which is a good thing, in this day and age. It has everything that you would need for an action movie: intense music for the build-up, a framed man, numerous explosions, a desperate father trying to save his daughter, and -- of course -- zombie slaughtering. The only things that the trailer seemed to lack were footage of co-op play and Frank West, who we are looking forward to seeing again after the announcement of the Dead Rising 2: Case West DLC.

To be honest, this action-packed trailer doesn't really seem to be necessary for Capcom, considering that Case Zero got great reviews and managed to break Xbox Live download records. Awareness for Dead Rising is at an all time high, and the series is poised to dethrone Resident Evil as Capcom's premier zombie franchise.

So, what do you Ranters think of Dead Rising 2's new launch trailer?

Dead Rising 2 releases September 28, 2010, for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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