In addition to the formal revealing of Bulletstorm in the new issue of Game Informer, there is also a great deal of news about Dead Rising 2. Most importantly, Dead Rising 2 will feature drop-in 2 player cooperative play in the single player mode. So now a friend can jump into your game as an anonymous stranger, and fight alongside your Chuck Greene as you battle an evil horde of zombies.

Though there was some initial news pointing to the fact that Dead Rising 2 would take place in a casino, Game Informer has some news that this isn’t the case. Dead Rising 2 will again take place in a mall, and there will be a casino subsection with this mall. Definitely a good thing, as I can see how basing the entire game in a casino might be limiting to gameplay.

Next, the experience system in Dead Rising 2 is also getting a revamp. Now you’ll be rewarded for creative and exciting zombie killing and combinations, rather being forced to take pictures. This and the cooperative play announcement have me wondering whether you’ll be able to perform two player execution combinations on a zombie. How amazing would that be?

So yeah, Dead Rising 2 is once again one of my most anticipated games of 2010. I’m a little ashamed I had forgotten about it for so long, but now I’ve set myself straight now, I promise. Any of you Ranters out there interested in joining me for some tag-team zombie killing action?

Dead Rising 2 will eat your brains starting August 31 in North America, and September 3 in Europe.

Source: The Lost Gamer