'Dead Rising 2' Updates its Wardrobe with Themed DLC

Dead Rising 2 Theme Pack DLC

Dead Rising 2's protagonist Chuck Greene has tried on a TON of outfits, and you've likely giggled or turned away in disgust when he's been thrown in children's clothing or a dress. After awhile dressing up Chuck got mildly boring so you probably started crafting weapons or following the story instead. Thank goodness that Capcom knows what fans of the series really want, and they will soon be releasing four different costumes to help satisfy that constant need to accessorize!

Capcom will be releasing brand new DLC  in the form of four new costumes. These costumes will come in four different themed packs including: a 'Psychopath Theme Pack', a 'Soldier of Fortune Theme Pack', a 'Sports Theme Pack', and a 'Ninja Theme Pack'. You'll likely be able to figure out what kind of costume each of these theme packs holds, so I won't go into a hardcore description of each of these outfits because that would be incredibly boring. Instead I will go into detail about what these costumes actually do. That's right, these aren't just regular garments that you can find laying around anywhere -- they have magical powers:

  • The Psychopath Theme Pack (releasing 12, 2010) not only makes Chuck look extremely intimidating, but will also make it harder to kill Chuck and it will  boost his proficiency with chainsaws, cleavers, axes, and pretty much anything else you've seen killers wield in horror movies.
  • The Soldier of Fortune Theme Pack (releasing October 19, 2010) will add double ammo, better accuracy, and a new special move when equipped. According to the press release the special attack will consist of the ex-motocross pro "spraying zombies with a hail of bullets". Sounds fun to us.
  • The Sports Theme Pack (releasing October 26, 2010) will likely be a favorite to those of you who dive into the DR2 DLC. It will increase the damage sport related weapons inflict, it adds a new tackle ability, you'll earn more money from gambling, you'll gain more health from drinks and food, and last but certainly not least you can drink as much alcohol as you like without the fear of puking on your new clothes.
  • The final costume can be found in The Ninja Theme Pack (releasing November 2, 2010) and makes Chuck all but invisible to the zombie horde, and it also cranks up the damage on sword weapons and stackable weapons.

Fans who purchase all the DLC will be able to mix and match different aspects of the costumes to gain all of the powers and create an ultimate Chuck which is exciting. Most of you probably recognized the upcoming DLC because they were pre-order bonuses for GameStop, BestBuy, etc. It's cool that gamers who missed out on the pre-order bonuses will still be able to gain abilities through these costumes, but they'll cost 60 Microsoft Points ($1.99) a pop to download. It's a reasonable price, but if you are really looking to add something to do to Dead Rising 2 then you may want to hold out for the Dead Rising 2: Case West add-on... well, that is if your a 360 gamer.

What do you guys think of the new Dead Rising 2 DLC? Do you feel costumes are worth $1.99 each?

Dead Rising 2 is available now for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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