Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and All the Extras

Dead Rising 2

Following a successful showing at Comic-Con, excitement has risen for Capcom's zombie hit, Dead Rising 2. Everyone knows that the game is essentially a great bash-em-up, using anything you can find or anything you can put together. However, there's more to the game then the main story mode or even regular co-op. Game Rant is here to take you through a tour of the extras in Dead Rising 2.

Random zombie bashing isn't suitable for everyone, and this is why Capcom is doing an industry first: instead of a demo, they're releasing a prequel game on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It's a small, but fully playable, version of Dead Rising entitled Case Zero. With a legit standalone game, you can test if you like the concept and execution of Dead Rising 2 before laying down major cash.

Case Zero takes place two years after the initial zombie outbreak. Our new hero, Chuck Greene, and his daughter are caught trying to escape another outbreak in Fortune City, and we get to be there with them to enjoy the pandemonium. The game is set to be released on August 31, and as previously stated, will only be available on Xbox Live.

Any experience you gain in the prequel will be transferred directly into Dead Rising 2, which will give you a nice bonus at the start of the full game. The only catch is that the prequel is 400 Microsoft Points ($5), which is really next to nothing. However, as it would be rude to only offer a paid 'demo,' there will be an actual (read: free) demo for DR2 as well, though no experience will carry over from it, and it will be a limited experience as opposed to a standalone experience. Producer Keiji Inafune gave his thoughts on the demo during Capcom's Comic-Con presentation:

"Make no mistake, this game has volume to it. To be clear, we're not actually making any money off this, but as producer I went against the company for the 400 price point."

Another neat addition to Dead Rising 2 that has everyone excited is the multiplayer. I can see the excitement: running lawnmowers through crowds of zombies is a great bonding activity whether you're father and son, brothers, or just friends.

However, co-op isn't the only experience you can have with a friend out there: there is the Terror Is Reality game show mode as well. Terror Is Reality is a game show that is popular 5 years after the outbreak, where contestants risk their lives to kill zombies in order to win cash prizes. In this multiplayer mode, gamers are put into the game as random contestants. According to Inafune, there will be 10 different minigames to play, and online leaderboards to show off who sees the most red for the undead, and who has the most spills in their kills.

Last, but certainly not least, is the one extra everybody who played the first game has been asking about: will Frank West be making a return appearance? Will he be busy covering a war? Inafune was tender on the subject.

I understand Frank West's popularity, but unfortunately Frank is taking a little break right now. You might see him in the near future, though.

We can only hope, Keiji, we can only hope.

Dead Rising 2 is scheduled to release September 28, 2010, for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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