'Dead Rising 2: Case West' Welcomes Back Frank And His Camera

'Dead Rising 2: Case West' Welcomes Back Frank And His Camera

Capcom is treating fans of Dead Rising 2 to another piece of downloadable content, this time featuring a familiar face. That's right Ranters, Dead Rising protagonist Frank West is making his welcome return in Dead Rising 2: Case West, and he's bringing not one, but two cameras.

Set directly after the events of Dead Rising 2, Case West details the exploits of Frank and Chuck Greene as they explore the Phenotrans Facility and work to uncover the connection between Phenotrans and all of the zombie outbreaks. Gamers will have the opportunity to play through Case West cooperatively while battling new enemies with new items, and perhaps most exciting, new weapon combinations such as the "Zap & Shine" and the "Reaper."

Case West connects Dead Rising 2 to the first even further by bringing back the camera mechanic. As Frank and Chuck obtain photographic evidence of Phenotrans' involvement in nationwide zombie outbreaks, they will meet up with returning cast members from the original. Below are screenshots from the upcoming downloadable content.

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Despite Dead Rising 2 being a multiplatform game with no timed exclusivity for any version, Case West will be available exclusively on Xbox Live. Considering how well Case Zero (which is also Xbox Live exclusive) performed, it seems a bit odd that Capcom will release Case West on only one platform instead of making it available to as many gamers as possible. Unfortunately, Capcom's press release gave no mention as to whether or not Case West will be available for PC or PS3 at a later date.

Does the return of iconic character Frank West get you excited enough that you'll definitely add Case West to your download queue when it launches next month? What new weapon combinations do you want to see Capcom implement in future DLC? How do you feel about exclusive downloadable content, and will this situation make you reconsider what platform you buy games for in the future? Let us know in the comments section!

Dead Rising 2: Case West launches exclusively on Xbox Live next month.

Source: Capcom-unity

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