After a Scare, Dead Rising 2: Case 0 Delay Confirmed to be Japan Only

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Unfortunately, Capcom announced earlier today that Dead Rising 2: Case 0 will be delayed. Then, later in the day, Capcom confirmed Case 0 is delayed only in Japan. The Xbox 360 exclusive prologue to Dead Rising 2 was originally planned to grace the Xbox Live Marketplace on August 31st, but Capcom is now unsure of when they can release the game.

The reason for the delay is that they found certain things that would be unsuitable for a free trial. The inappropriate content was supposedly only found in the free section of the game that was to become the demo for Dead Rising 2. Case 0 will act as an introduction to our new hero Chuck Greene, as it takes place three years before the events of Dead Rising 2. Capcom also stated that the Case 0 delay will not affect the release of Dead Rising 2 near the end of September.

The good news is that Case 0 will not be be delayed in North America or Europe since this announcement was made by Capcom’s Japanese headquarters. This has since been confirmed by Capcom that it will only be delayed in Japan.

As a fan of the original, I'm greatly looking forward to the game and it’s prologue. Early hands on previews of Dead Rising 2 showed that it maintained the feeling and sheer giddy fun of the predecessor while introducing new gameplay features. The idea of having a prequel as a demo for the full length game  is awesome and I'm extremely excited to start mowing down hordes of zombies again this week.  I'm glad that it won't be delayed in North America and Europe but its still a bummer for Dead Rising fans in Japan.

Case 0 will set you back 400 Microsoft Points and will be released August 31st.

Dead Rising 2 is set to launch for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC on September 28th.

Source: Andriasang & Capcom Unity

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