'Dead or Alive: Dimensions' Reveal Trailer Brings Raidou Back From the Dead

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Have you ever thought to yourself, "I'd love Dead or Alive, but only if it was portable and 3D"? The fine people at Nintendo and Tecmo have a solution for you. The trailer of Dead or Alive Dimensions for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS has recently been released and it's everything that you would expect from a DOA title.

The reveal trailer's main focus is to present and display a semi-new character, Raidou, in action. For those who can remember, Raidou was the final boss of the first Dead or Alive, who was killed by Kasumi. Sadly, nothing is known of how Raidou returns from the dead, but we do know one thing... he is still trying to kill Hayate and Ayane. Check out the return of Raidou in this premier trailer.


While her siblings were receive a pounding from a ghost, Kasumi is oddly striking poses in a new outfit, as if she were modeling instead of fighting. It's safe to assume that there will be the return of tag team mode in single player, since we witness in this footage Hayate and Ayane swap out during their 2-on-1 fight.

This will be an interesting title to witness for two reasons; This is the first DOA title since Tomonobu Itagaki left team ninja to start Valhalla studios, and this is the first time DOA has been on a Nintendo platform, a portable one at that (there was the Beach Volleyball title for the PSP however). Maybe this 3DS version will act as the substitute (or lead-in) to the rumored Dead or Alive 5. Will Tecmo boobs jiggle in the third dimension? Only time will tell.

There's no official release date for Dead or Alive Dimensions yet so stay tuned into Game Rant for more on this soon.

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