The Dead or Alive franchise isn’t just a series of games, it is an institution whose heaving set of influence can be seen bouncing and rippling across the gaming landscape. Think about it for a moment, that we probably wouldn’t even have the term “jiggle physics” if not for the hard work of the fine folks over at Team Ninja. And it is because of these legendarily huge attributes that the series couldn’t let the Street Fighter franchise be the only one to make the jump to 3D. The result is Dead or Alive: Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS. Cat-fighting just got real.

Said to be a bit of a reboob… err… reboot of the Dead or Alive series, DoA: Dimensions will still maintain the most buoyant qualities of the past games while still bringing the series to a new handheld audience. The high profile game will also have the task of trying to stimulate the rather flaccid sales that Nintendo’s new handheld hardware has been experiencing. Hopefully, DoA: Dimensions‘ punches and kicks can translate into the rock hard unit sales that Nintendo expects from its portable devices.

We’ll have to see whether Dead or Alive: Dimensions manages to excite the handheld market when it bares itself to the world on May 24th.

Dead or Alive Dimensions 3DS Game Rant Webcomic issue 035

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