Dead or Alive's '3D Shake' Returning in 'Dead or Alive: Dimensions' for the 3DS

Kasumi from dead or alive

Last week Nintendo held a conference where Dead or Alive: Dimensions was playable and during Famitsu's play test of the game they found that the "3D Shake" is indeed returning on the 3DS. Yes, the mechanic that made Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball such a success is in the new game.

The conference demo allowed attendees to fight at three different locales, selecting from Kasumi, Ayane, Hayate, and Mr. Ninja Gaiden himself Ryu Hayabusa. Despite his appearance as a fighter in the premiere trailer, Raidou was not accessible. A 4Gamer writer in attendance, voiced his concern over controlling the games action through the 3DS's analogue slider, but the feel of the controls ended up being not too bad.

He also went on to mention that the speed of the game-play seemed to be a bit slow in comparison to the trailer. The game's toned down speed turned out to be a good thing, since it allowed him to easily predict enemy movement and return an appropriate counter. As anyone would guess from playing previous Nintendo DS titles the top screen is used for the action of the game-play and the bottom is used to display controls.

As predicted upon seeing the premiere trailer, it was expected that Dead or Alive's most well-known mechanic would return even with Tomonobu Itagaki no longer at the helm of Team Ninja. The gameplay speed change is quite surprising though; it's going to be interesting to see a DOA title with toned down speed. Hopefully the speed changes and easier countering system haven't made the game too simplistic to the point where it can't be taken seriously as a fighter.

So are you guys (perverts) excited for boob controlling action in the upcoming DOA title?

There’s no official release date for Dead or Alive Dimensions yet so stay tuned into Game Rant for more on this soon.

Source: AndriaSang, 4gamer

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