It’s been seven long years since the last mainline game in the series but fans won’t have long to wait, as Dead or Alive 6 has now been given a release date of February 15, 2019.

The game was first announced earlier this year, with Kasumi, Helena, Hayate, Jann Lee, Zack, Rig, Hitomi, Leifang and Ninja Gaiden star Ryu Hayabusa all confirmed for the roster. There will also be a brand new character, Diego, a gritty street fighter from New York.

During Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show stream, Koei Tecmo  released a brand new trailer that seems to show off glimpses of the game’s story mode as well as a couple more characters like series staple Ayane, though they have yet to be revealed on the game’s official website for some reason. So far, it looks set to be the most visually stunning title in the Dead or Alive series, with seemingly massive arenas, some quite frankly bonkers cutscenes and what appear to be very cinematic stage transitions and KOs, including being eaten by dinosaurs and being crushed by a giant octopus.

What’s probably most surprising about the game so far is the lack of the series’ usual fan-service. Dead or Alive has become infamous for its sexualization of its female stars, with Koei Tecmo even making spin-off games all about having them go to a beach resort and wear skimpy outfits. Dead or Alive 6 is noticeably lacking in that regard, with all the women dressed rather sensibly for a change, which will no doubt cause many split opinions.

This could be done in an attempt to make the series more presentable and suitable for tournaments, considering whenever Dead or Alive 5 was played at a tournament level, certain costumes ended up being banned from play. However, considering the trailer shows the likes of Kasumi in their original costumes, it’s still entirely possible that there will be some sexy costumes that can be unlocked in-game or bought as DLC.

Dead or Alive 6 will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC.