This trailer not only shows off the weapons upgrades, it also has a glimpse of some of armor configurations players can utilize to suit different play styles. Gamers will have to gather money from killing zombies and checking trunks of cars to spend wisely on upgrades.  Upgrading your rifles and sub-machine guns is always good, though upgrading your grenades and flares are equally as important for crowd control. You will definitely need crowd control, and you can see why the trailer below.


Dead Nation is shaping up to be another must have title for PS3 owners, and fans of Housemarque’s last title Super Stardust HD.

In our preview we also mentioned how the game was speculated to be released by the end of October. Well October has come and gone and still no release, however Dead Nation can still ride the zombie wave created by the new mini-series The Walking Dead. We can only assume Housemarque is putting in extra effort to make this title a cult classic like Super Stardust.

While gamers wait for the release of Dead Nation they can jump on the PlayStation Store and download the ‘City of the Dead’ theme free of charge. PlayStation Plus subscribers can also get the ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ dynamic theme for free, however non-subscribers will have to shell out $2.99.

For those who are anxiously awaiting to take down waves of zombies in between viewings of The Walking Dead, will have to wait a bit longer since there is no firm release date for Dead Nation. Be sure to check back here for a release date once it’s announced.

Source: PlayStation Blog