Finnish developer Housemarque plans to release some new content for their PSN exclusive Dead Nation. The DLC, called ‘Road of Devastation,’ will allow players to choose a specific path each with its own unique challenges. Dead Nation was a big hit on PSN and this DLC will definitely be a must-have to anyone who owns the game.

The Road of Devastation DLC will start players off in a lab where they must break free and choose one of three routes laid out in front of them. Each path will have its own unique environments and enemies to face, increasing the replay value of the game, though it is unknown if each path will have a unique ending. It’s also not yet clear if the story of the DLC will take place before or after the events in the original game.

Dead Nation was never about a gripping narrative, but about blasting as many zombies as possible in the most spectacular fashion while racking up the highest global score for your country. It’s a downloadable title highly recommended to those who own a PS3 (see our review). Not only did it win ‘Best Exclusive‘ in the first annual PSN Gamer’s Choice Awards, it was also offered for free as part of Sony’s “Welcome Back” appreciation program – thus increasing its popularity and potential consumer-base for the DLC. Housemarque CEO, Ilari Kuittinen, speaks to just how big the fanbase is thanks to the help of Sony’s free game offerings:

“We’ve been working hard since the launch of Dead Nation to bring exciting new content to the fans of the game. Since the launch of the game, Dead Nation has been a top selling PSN title having fans all around the globe. After being included in the Welcome Pack offering, the game has reached over 3.8 millions downloads, which is simply mindboggling and unheard of for a PSN game.”

Dead Nation came packed with an extensive list of weapons and zombies, and the Road to Devastation DLC plans to expand on that list, by adding new toys and enemies. Those who played the game already know Housemarque packed a ton of stuff into the base game, making us wonder what else they can add with the Road to Devastation content pack.

Housemarque is one of the best indie developers out there; Super Stardust HD, Outland and Dead Nation are must have titles with amazing visual style and gameplay, and we look forward to see what else this indie dev team comes out with.

There is currently no release date or pricing information for the Road to Devastation DLC. Dead Nation is available now exclusively for PSN.

Are you one of the many PS3 owners who downloaded Dead Nation and are you looking forward to the DLC?

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