GR Pick: Dead Island Trailer Remixes 'Literal' & 'Backwards-Forwards'

Dead Island Island Trailer Literal

Ever since the announcement trailer for Dead Island spread like a Zombie-apocalypse across the Internet, buzz surrounding the game has been at an all time high. With only a few generic screenshots to give gamers a taste of brains, I mean Techland's upcoming FPS melee combat game, the blood-thirsty Dead Island hopeful haven't had much else to do but replay the notorious trailer over and over and over.

When watching the trailer no longer fed their incessant hunger for more Dead Island, fans took to recreating the trailer in the world of Minecraft and Shaun of the Dead. Now, the remixing shambles on with a new "Literal" (and subsequently hilarious) look at the trailer.

It's worth noting that Techland, the game's developer, was not behind the production of the notorious trailer - reports suggest that Axis Animation, who produced CGI footage and trailers for projects such as Mass Effect 2 and Killzone 2, were actually responsible for the trailer.

Given the fact that Techland, best known for Call of Juarez, has yet to reveal how their zombie title will eclipse the numerous other Zombie FPS experiences that gamers already have at their disposal (Left for Dead 2 and Call of Duty's "Nazi Zombie" mode, among others), it's possible that Dead Island's most notable contribution to the industry may be the myriad of trailer mash-ups left in the wake of Axis Animation's phenomenal work.

Check out the Dead Island "Literal" trailer from comedian Toby Turner below:


Should Dead Island fail to deliver on gamers' lofty expectations, maybe its legacy will actually be alerting the populace to the helpful zombie survival tips Turner identifies in the video.

  • "Stop, drop, and roll man."
  • "Never give a zombie girl a piggy back ride."
  • "Flirt with the zombie."
  • Don't vacation at a place called Dead Island.

Next up, we've got IGN's "Backwards-Forwards" trailer that splices the original video into a more coherent, but significantly less-stirring, chronological order:

It'll be interesting to see whether or not Techland delivers on the enormous wave of buzz that was created as a result of the announcement video. However, surrounded by all the talk regarding who owns the movie rights and why the game is no longer an Xbox 360 exclusive, it's easy to get a little ahead of ourselves. Dead Island has yet to show us the two most important aspects of any franchise-worthy zombie title (much less a movie adaptation) - an immersive campaign story (just because the trailer is shocking doesn't mean that the game will offer anything more than a typical zombie survival story) and an innovative take on the typical zombie-horde gameplay we've seen before.

If it can't deliver on those two points, the game could be nothing more than another zombie title with a great trailer - that happened to spawn a number of funny internet videos.

Hopefully Techland is up to the challenge - otherwise they're going to have a blood thirsty hoard of gamers beating down their door.

Dead Island is scheduled for release sometime in 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: IGN and Toby Turner

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