New Dead Island Screens Are an Undead Tease

New Screens Released For Dead Island

No one can forget the way the Dead Island trailer first shambled its way into our minds - and made us all want to see the game in action. It's only natural then that seeing the game in action is not in cards just yet. We're constantly being teased with these incessent screenshots.

This foreplay may seem like too much to handle, so we're hoping that when the payoff comes, it will be incredibly sweet, and not a sour disappointment. This hope of course comes because we've just had another three Dead Island screenshots sent our way, and we're still dying to see what the game looks like when it hits store shelves.

Information about the anticipated title has remained sparse, and the screenshot releases haven't really given us much more to speculate about. Each iteration of screenshot releases has brought with it that big zombie in the straightjacket and mask, so maybe there's a reason he's getting so much love. We're jealous, we just want to be loved too.

In the meantime we'll mull over the beautiful visuals that the new screenshots provide - and wonder about how the game will play once we get our hands on some footage.

Check out the images below:

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Dead Island will put gamers in control of multiple characters throughout the course of the story, which hopefully means an emersive storyline to tie those characters in together and varied gameplay that focuses on the strengths of each one. As the screenshots have shown, weapons will be items discovered around the island, so don't expect there to be too much in the way of over the top weapons like those present in Dead Rising.

Dead Island was recently under fire from the ESRB for its cover art which depicted a corpse hanging from a tree. While the ESRB doesn't regulate what kind of content is actually included in the games, it does regulate what kind of content can be viewed by anyone walking by in a store. In response the North American cover art has been altered to depict a walking corpse instead of a hanging one.

Is Dead Island still on your radar, or has the lack of real action got you ready to dump this title quicker than your last relationship?

Dead Island is due for release sometime before never for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. While we patiently wait for some gameplay footage, we'll definitely be keeping an eye out for a release date too. We'll even settle for a timeframe, but don't tell that to developer Techland or publisher Deep Silver.

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