Dead Island Riptide New Game

While the world’s eyes were focused on E3 last week, publisher Deep Silver quietly announced Dead Island: Riptide. The latest game in the tropical zombie-slaying franchise will be fully unveiled this Summer, but in light of some fan confusion, Deep Silver has issued a few clarifications about the title.

After the official announcement, some players were unsure whether or not Dead Island: Riptide would be a full new game, or simply a remake of the original Dead Island with new enhancements. Deep Silver’s Aubrey Norris confirmed via Twitter (@Chupacaubrey) that Riptide will be a brand new game.

Part of the confusion stemmed from Riptide’s pricing model. As with most new console games, the original Dead Island launched for $59.99, whereas Riptide will be priced at the slightly more affordable $49.99. Why the low price? According to Norris, it has everything to do with the waning of the current console generation.

“it’s the end of a console cycle- we think this price makes a lot more sense given that :)”

Prior to E3, the Internet was abuzz with next-gen rumors, but as promised, neither Sony nor Microsoft announced anything at the show. The emphasis on sequels at E3 2012, coupled with the upcoming release of Nintendo’s Wii U and the inevitable march toward “Durango” and “Orbis,” make it obvious that this generation, however slowly, is coming to a close (though after that Unreal Engine 4 demo, we’re pretty excited to see what the new consoles will bring). In all likelihood, 2013 will end up being the last “big year” for current-gen consoles — does that mean we’ll have to wait until next year for Dead Island: Riptide, or could the game make it out by the end of 2012? Either way, we’ll know for sure later this Summer.

Those who have yet to check out the original Dead Island should keep an eye out for the Game of the Year Editionwhich includes three DLC packs: Ryder White, Bloodbath Arena and The Ripper. While the game may not have lived up to the promise of its stunning announcement trailer (read our review), it’s still a fun little zombie-killing romp, and at just $29.99, the Dead Island Game of the Year Edition is definitely the way to go.

Ranters, what did you think of Dead Island? Are you looking forward to Riptide? Let us know in the comments below.

Dead Island: Riptide is currently in development.

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Source: RipTen [via VG 24/7]