Dead Island: Retro Revenge Rated in Australia

Dead Island: Retro Revenge Rated in Australia - Dead Island 2 zombie

The Australian Classification Board rates the unannounced Dead Island: Retro Revenge, hinting at the possibility that a new Dead Island game is in development.

While fans have been waiting for the repeatedly delayed Dead Island 2, it looks like Deep Silver has started developing a new game in the series in the meantime. Reportedly entitled Dead Island: Retro Revenge, the game has been leaked by the Australian Classification Board, which has given it an M rating for bloody violence.

The Australian Classification Board describes Dead Island: Retro Revenge as a "computer game", but what that means is that it could be in development for any game system. It also mentions that the game has online interactivity, though the extent of that is unknown at this point.

Past Dead Island games have had a major focus on online gameplay, so it would be no surprise for Dead Island: Retro Revenge to have similar features. However, the title of the game makes it seem as though it could be quite the departure from the typical Dead Island fare, and may even feature NES or SNES-era visuals.

By using older graphics, Deep Silver could potentially deliver a Dead Island experience while the troubled Dead Island 2 remains in development. For the unaware, Dead Island 2's developer, Yager, was removed from the project last year, which has many doubting that the game will meet its 2016 release window. Dead Island: Retro Revenge could be a way for Deep Silver to keep the franchise fresh in peoples' minds in the interim.

Dead Island 2 Developer No Longer Making Game - Dead Island 2 iPod Zombie and horde

Of course, Dead Island: Retro Revenge could just be a new name for Dead Island 2. Another possibility is that it is the Dead Island current-gen remaster that was rated for PC, PS4, and Xbox Honestly, with such little information on the game available except for its M for Mature rating and online interactivity, Dead Island: Retro Revenge could be just about anything, so this is all just speculation.

There is a chance that we will have answers sooner rather than later, thankfully. Typically when something leaks from the Australian Classification Board, an official announcement isn't far behind, like with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game from Platinum Games, for example. Furthermore, when a game is rated, that usually means it is fairly far along in development and close to release, which leads us to believe that an official announcement for Dead Island: Retro Revenge could be right around the corner.

Whenever we learn about Dead Island: Retro Revenge, here's hoping that some clarification regarding the state of Dead Island 2 is offered as well. At this juncture, the game's status is a complete mystery to fans, and it's not even known which development team has been hired to pick up where Yager left off with the game. Hopefully Dead Island: Retro Revenge brings with it some clarification on the franchise in general when Deep Silver decides to officially unveil the game.

Dead Island: Retro Revenge currently lacks a release date or any confirmed platforms, and should be considered a rumor at this point.

Source: IGN

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